Benefits &

Advantages of this course:

• Catch up on measurement and valuation requirements of IFRS
• Practical case studies covering valuation principles in IFRS
• Participants are expected, as a minimum, to be comfortable with all IFRS valuations.
• Discussion groups focusing on application of valuation principles
Small classes designed to enhance discussions
• Allows participants to meet their CPD requirements on either the input or output method


  • Fair valuations – principles and case studies covering a myriad of standards - discounted cash flows, market multiples
  • Busines combinations valuations – Purchase price allocations (PPA), contingent considerations, Purchase considerations and goodwill
  • Valuation of financial instruments – valuation of derivatives, measurement of expected credit losses (IFRS 9 ECL)
  • Share based payments valuations and measurement of employee benefits
  • Measurement of assets including impairment of assets
  • Perform a number of valuations and apply principles learnt 


The programme will be run through 12 virtual sessions. Each virtual session will be 2 hours.

  • Case Studies

    This is not your typical valuation course as it takes IFRS requirements and distill them down into practical case studies.

  • Expert Advisors

    The course is run by valuations experts who are also accredited by the JSE as IFRS Advisors.

  • Anytime Access

    One of the most attractive features of the course is how easily accessible the course training material is, both during the course and for reference purposes thereafter. Participants each receive access to an interactive web-based application containing all the course materials.


Your investment will be R23,590 (inclusive of 15% VAT)